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Fountain Water Sprayers Geysers Water Gardens Residential and Large Golf Course Ponds  


          Agualogics Line

Decorative Spray Heads Ponds Water Gardens


Decorative Spray Heads Ponds Water Gardens

Fountain Pump Geyser Chart

Fountain Water Sprayers and Geysers, not only add a sensual decorative effect but also help to aerate the water making it cleaner and odor free while adding oxygen for the aquatic life.

CODE                     DESCRIPTION                                       UNITS            WEIGHT      PRICE

S01    1 LEVEL NOZZLE/TELESCOPIC/ADAPTER         1 UNIT            110/g            $15.68  
S02    2 LEVEL NOZZLE/TELESCOPIC/ADAPTER         1 UNIT            110/g            $15.68  

S03    3 LEVEL NOZZLE/TELESCOPIC/ADAPTER         1 UNIT            115/g            $15.68  

S04   SMALL BELL NOZZLE/TELESCOPIC/ADAPTER  1 UNIT          120/g            $17.85 

S05   BIG BELL NOZZLE/ADAPTER                                 1 UNIT            240/g            $21.35  

S06   FOAM NOZZLE./ADAPTER                                     1 UNIT            105/g            $21.35  

S07  TRUMPET NOZZLE/TELESCOPIC/ADAPTER       1 UNIT            120/g            $21.35  

S08  NOZZLE KIT FOR CWK40 and CWK75                   1 UNIT            .085/g           $10.68  

VGAKIT   ADAPTOR KIT 3 MCX (NOT ILLUSTRATED) 1 UNIT         350/g            $5.78  

RDE001     FLOW REGULATOR VALVE (1/2 M X 1/2 F)     1 UNIT        300/g             $4.38 

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Pond Line

Fountain Bronze Water Spray Heads

For Large Residential  and Golf Course Ponds

And Water Gardens

  Fountain Bronze Geyser Spray Head N150 and 152 PackageFountain Bronze Geyser Spray Head N150  Fountain Bronze Geyser Spray Head Kit EQPJ Fountain Bronze Geyser Spray Head Kit EPQJ1  

Decorative Fountain Spray Heads Ponds Golf Courses

For Use With HC Series Pumps 2500, 3400, 4400 and 5300 models

N150         GEYSER, 3/4 "INLET         1 UNIT     1.1 KG.      $  72.07  

Adaptor EQPJ Required

N152         GEYSER, 1 1/2" INLET      1 UNIT     2.6 KG.       $130.17  

SPRAY HEAD ADAPTERS (For Bronze Spray Head):
EQPJ 3/4   KIT FOR 3/4" BRONZE SPRAY HEAD   1 UNIT      600/g        $20.97  

EQPJ1 1/2   KIT FOR 1 1/2" BRONZE SPRAY HEAD  1 UNIT   930/g        $38.47  

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Pond Line

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