If you have a need for enzymes, beneficial organisms used as digestive aids,  specialty formulations for private label in dietary supplements, food processing,  baking, cosmetics, animal feeds, pet food, industrial and institutional applications but don't know where to start?

At our ProMedBio Division, we thrive on these situations whether they are in an  dietary supplement, baking, animal feed industrial or other application.

Our number one focus is the service we provide to our customers. This service is enhanced by several factors which are at our disposal. The staff at ProMedBio Division has over 20 years of enzyme fermentation products knowledge and sales experience from which to draw. Using this knowledge and working with our customers, we solve enzyme problems on a daily basis for both large and small companies worldwide.

The blending capacity of our production plant is one reason for the success of ProMedBio Division. Our single batch powdered enzyme blending capacity ranges from batches as small as 5 kilograms to as large as 5,000 kilograms. We also have the capability to provide liquid blended products. Our liquid product blending capacity ranges from 50 Liters to 5,000 Liters.

ProMedBio Division also offers a wide array of package sizes for both powdered and liquid products. Powdered packaging from 225 gram to 200 Kg are available. Our production and packaging flexibility and technical sales staff give us the ability to accommodate your more routine product needs or custom formulations.

By keeping a large inventory of product within our warehouse, ProMedBio Division has achieved great success in minimizing lead times and getting orders processed in a very timely manner. Orders will typically ship the same day the product is blended.

We will work with you to determine the best solution to fit your specific needs. From formulating to shipping the product, ProMedBio Division is her to serve you.

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Enzymes for Dietary Supplement Manufacturers detailed information on our enzyme products used in health and nutrition  supplements,  cosmetics, as well as food and beverage applications.


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