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          Sunyata Spa Analysis

You will find herewith the results of the analyses conducted in our laboratories.  We evaluated your product, using our with our KRL test method (SPIRAL patent), for the antiradical (antioxidant) effectiveness of your protein isolate formula SUNYATA SPA      (Batch 305110). 

In wishing you good reception, we ask you to accept, the expression of our most respectful feelings. 

Doctor Philippe DURAND                                 Doctor Michel PROST                                     Engineer Research and Development                President Director General

                    CEDRA, European Center of Research and of Analyses


The attached results (Graphs Below) show that the aqueous solution of Sunyata spa increases very strongly the resistance of the blood to an antiradical attack. The global antiradical (antioxidant) potential increases with the dosage of 2 grams of extracted product to a liter of blood,  where the response to the solution attains a maximum.  At this concentration,  we observed an increase of the antiradical (antioxidant) resistance of the blood in the order of 200%.   At 100 g/l concentration, in our conditions we observed an increase of the resistance of the blood in the order of 500%.

TEST KRL SPIRAL                           Sunyata Spa Analysis

Sunyata Spa Analysis










                                                                                              Concentration grams/per/liter     

                                                                                          % Increase Antiradical (Antioxidant)

                                      Sunyata Spa Analysis



Méthode D'Analyse KRL (Method of Analysis) - BREVET SPIRAL
Sunyata Spa™ Marc Enregistre - Isabelle Dienz - Concept Sunyata Inc.
Fabricant du Produit (Manufacturer Confidential): Confidentielle - QC. Canada

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