Organic Chromium 2000 Concentrate

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Bulk Food Grade FG and USP

Storage: Keep in a cool dry location. The drum should be kept closed when not in use. Exposure to high humidity and temperature is not recommended.

Bromelain PackagingStability: Up to 2 years under these conditions. 

 Dietary Supplement Information  

Activity Analysis: FG / USP Grade       

Active Ingredient.............................................2000 ppm Chromium
Total Plate Count...................................... 2000 mcg/per gram/min.
Candida Albicans ................ Negative (Verified by DNA Fingerprinting)
E. coli...........................................................................Negative
Staphylococcus aureus....................................................Negative

Chromium SupplementManufacturers Ingredient


Available Packaging: 2 kg-4.4 pounds, 20 kg / 44 pound lined fiber kegs.


 Research Ref. Educational Information 

Food Grade Yeasts (of Saccharomyces cerevisiae) are widely used in Beer and Wine Brewing, Baking of foods such as bread and cookies and in Feeding of humans and animals. It is very important to emphasize that yeast are able to naturally metabolize inorganic minerals into organic forms, similar to what plants do. Plants do the conversion for us taking the minerals from the soil. Mineral enriched yeasts do this by taking the minerals from enriched molasses providing one of the best natural food forms of minerals human can consume.

Furthermore, yeast have an excellent storage mechanism for B-vitamins , as do other organisms, for factors needed for growth and life. Yeast is a naturally rich source of proteins, minerals and B-complex vitamins. Not only does mineral enriched yeast offer a natural form of mineral, it also provides other nutrients when consumed.

Chromium enriched yeast helps to normalize blood sugar, potentiating the action of insulin (Glucose Tolerance Factor) and plays an important role in the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates.

Chromium is an essential nutrient required for normal carbohydrate and fat metabolism. Insufficient dietary intake of chromium leads to signs and symptoms that are similar to those observed in diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Dietary intake of chromium in the U.S and most industrialized countries is suboptimal due to the extensive processing of our foods. The estimated and safe daily intake for chromium is 50 to 200 micrograms. Most diets, however, contain less than 60% of the minimum suggested intake. Supplemental chromium given to people with impaired glucose tolerance or diabetes leads to improved blood glucose, insulin, and lipid variables.

Strenuous exercise, high sugar diets and physical trauma result in high chromium losses and increase the need for chromium supplements. Chromium has been also shown to improve lean body mass in humans and certain animals.

A significantly increased rate of growth was observed in a group of malnourished children given a chromium supplement.

Response to chromium is dependent upon the form and the amount of supplemental chromium. OC-1000 is an excellent source of biologically active chromium.

No documented signs of chromium toxicity have been reported in the many chromium supplementation studies over the past three decades.

Nutritecks Chromium Yeast is grown from special strains of yeast on natural ingredients enriched with chromium. Primary grown high chromium yeast is reported to have significantly greater level of biologically active chromium than inorganic chromium.

High Chromium Yeast is a biologically active form of chromium and is better absorbed than inorganic chromium. High chromium yeast is the preferred form of chromium for nutrition supplements.


Chromium is recognized as a trace element essential for human nutrition and it must be obtained from the diet. Chromium, as the central part of Glucose Tolerance Factor (GTF), enhances the effect of insulin in the body. This factor improves glucose tolerance and insulin efficacy. Chromium Yeast contains high levels of organic chromium that is available for GTF.

Glucose Tolerance Factor (GTF) has been shown to be related to normal carbohydrate metabolism.

Chromium deficiency in humans leads to symptoms associated with diabetes such as glucose intolerance, unexpected weight losses and impaired nerve conduction.

Chromium deficiency occurs in older individuals, diabetics and those consuming large amounts of carbohydrates and sugars. Chromium supplements are suggested for those individuals.

Insulin requiring diabetics have been shown to have an abnormal rate of chromium absorption. During the first 24 hours after a single oral dose of chromium, the individuals absorbed two or more times more chromium than normal subjects.

Chromium potentiates or enhances the action of insulin, it does not replace insulin. With an optimum level of chromium in the body, less insulin is required to keep glucose levels under control.

A study with diabetics showed that inorganic chromium was ineffective in improving glucose tolerance while a six month supplement of high chromium yeast normalized the glucose tolerance as measured by the glucose tolerance test.

Biologically active chromium supplements, such as high chromium yeast, will decrease blood sugar of people with elevated glucose values (hyperglycemic) and increase that of those with low blood sugar (hypoglycemic).


Improvements in overall lipid metabolism, like those for glucose and insulin variables, are dependent upon the amount of supplemental chromium. Suboptimal chromium intake is associated with signs and symptoms of chromium deficiency that are similar to those for cardiovascular diseases.

Total cholesterol, low density lipoprotein ([DL)- and high density lipoprotein (HDL) -cholesterol, total cholesterol I HDL ratio, and triglycerides have all been shown to improve in humans as well as animals following chromium supplementation.

Chromium supplementation of elderly subjects causes significant decreases in total cholesterol with larger decreases in subjects with the highest levels prior to supplementation.

Chromium supplementation in test group of men led to significant decreases in serum triglycerides and increases in HDL-cholesterol compared to placebo-treated subjects.

Chromium supplementation of patients being treated for diabetes led to significant improvements in diabetic symptoms and also increases in HDL-cholesterol.

Chromium may also help control hypertension. One study has shown prevention of sugar-induced hypertension in spontaneously hypertensive rats.

Daily supplementation of chromium substantially increases HDL cholesterol, which is considered one of the best indicators of risk of heart diseases.

REFERENCES Human Studies

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Numerous other ref. available


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