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Biological Suctionline Cleaner

      Reduces odor and organic build-up in the suctionline

Dent-o-Zyme contains safe, naturally occurring enzymes and organisims that will digest the organic substances (like blood) and waste that accumulates in the suctionlines. Degrading this material prevents the anaerobic bacteria from thriving in the system. Since the anaerobic bacteria create the malodors, Dent-o-Zyme will safely reduce or eliminate the odors in the system.

The bacillus bacteria in Dent-o-Zyme, are classified by the American Type Culture Collection as Biosafety Level 1 organisms. This is the safest rating. Additionally, the organisms are:

Naturally occurring (NOT genetically modified)Non-pathogenic (will NOT cause disease); and,Non-opportunistic (will NOT cause disease in a comprised host)

Dent-o-Zyme is safe to use in all plumbing, even if your facility has a septic tank. Dent-o-Zyme does not require special equipment or protective clothing. Simply pour into the suctionline.


Use 100ml to 200ml per suctionline. Apply half of it directly into the suctionline and pour the other half directly into the spit sink. A 1 liter container will normally treat 10 chairs.

Do NOT apply with chlorine, disinfectants or boiling water.

                           Packaging 1 Liter containers Price: $26.70

 Wholesale and private label available on orders of 24 units plus

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