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Miracle Water Filter

Model No.
B747A  10 inch
  Miracle Filter removes 99.9 percent chlorine (KDF neutralizes chlorine), heavy metals (lead, mercury, aluminum, iron, barium, cadmium, chromium), pesticides, Trihalomethanes THMs, MTBE, inorganic arsenic and inhibits bacteria and mold formation.

Energy Stone ---- To make water molecules become much smaller and easily absorbed by the cell in the body.

CHLORGON ---- is a mineral salt that removes combined chlorine. To eliminate chlorine in the water.

KDF ---- In the presence of rushing water, the KDF media acts like poles of a battery, the copper becoming the cathode (negative pole) and the zinc becoming the anode (positive pole), thereby creating a minute electrical current.

Because free (pure) chlorine is a very unstable compound, in the presence of KDF the chlorine molecule gives up its outermost electron, allowing it to immediately bond with the copper and zinc elements, thus forming harmless, chelated body salts (cupric and zinc chlorides).

KDF™ is a compound made of copper and zinc, two dissimilar elements in a granular form that operates by the law of opposites.  It effectively removes up to 99% of free chlorine, varying amounts of iron oxides, hydrogen sulfide and small amounts of lead and keeps the unit bacteriostatic.

Infrared Stone ----- To make molecules become much smaller which consist of high levels of oxygen which are easily absorbed by the cell in the body.

Bamboo Carbon ---- To remove bad taste in the water and absorb and breaks down the injurious gas matter to make the water in the level of PH 7.

Size: Inlet-Outlet Size: 1/4" FNPT.

Better than bottled water at a very tiny fraction of the cost
Unit cost: $59.95 Canadian



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